Flexible and adaptable.
From a fully integrated solution...

... To the ability to choose the components
you need, we are committed


EXA Excellence in action:

• The best Products
• Dosing Systems
• Technical Customer Service
• Training
• Consulting


On what really matters:

• The recognition of the quality of your

• The customer satisfaction

• The optimization of the tasks of cleaning and hygiene

... all that at a competitive cost.

Dispensers and Technical Customer Service
  The use of machinery becomes imperative whenever laundry, dishes or floors need to be washed. That’s a fact we take into consideration when designing and implementing our solutions.
We propose dosing systems that allow full optimization of these processes and ensure a continuous results monitoring, always taking in consideration the rationalization of costs.
We count on the experience of the best professionals to ensure that the Technical Customer service delivers a smooth functioning of the entire system in a dynamic 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.
Consulting and Training
  In an industry where customer service is "King", the quality of people makes the difference. Reviva Professional goes to the market with a team comprised of the best... with many years of experience and awarded with very competitive markets recognition; our professionals were recruited with the twofold aim to perform tasks that require a very specialized know-how and help develop the market, ensuring the training of future technicians and our customers operators.

We refuse the role of "inspectors" and consider ourselves just another member of our customers team who cooperates and helps improving procedures, methods and ensures the proper use of cleaning and hygiene products.

The proposed solution is integrated in complete audit systems which cover from management tasks to the most basic operation, seeking to ensure, with total confidentiality, compliance with best practices.

When identified improvement opportunities we suggest an action plan and cooperate in its implementation, either through our training programs, which provide coverage for all areas of application, or helping implementing the hygiene plans.

The recognition of all these best practices can and should be materialized in the audit results and the EXA award.


There is no second chance to make a good first impression on your customers - The perceived quality of their establishment depends on the sensory analysis of the first contact. A glance at the facilities and employees with a visit to the common areas like the toilet...


  Let us help you whatever your industry:
Hospitality and Institutions: The hygiene as brand image

Hospitals and Clinics: We help protect people creating a clean
and safe environment
Supermarkets and Commercial Spaces: Welfare and Safety
Restaurants & Catering: Optimizing methods and HACCP guidance
Contract Cleaners: Operational Efficiency and Quality
EXA – Quality recognition for your customers
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