Our experts implement integrated systems in order to achieve the best washing results, optimizing the cost of all components involved in the process:

• detergent • water • energy • manpower • machines maintenance

Depending on the type of clothing, dirt, water and machinery, we recommend a customized solution including the type of products (solid or liquid), their combination and dosage.

Dish Washing

To serve food and beverages in impeccably clean and shiny dishes and glass is key to meet your client needs. Either thru mechanical or manual washing, we guarantee the highest standards of cleaning in this sensitive area.

Our technicians support is key to achieve a balance between products, equipment and people to get the best results and avoid waste.



Cleaning and Disinfection of Food Processing Areas

Either in a kitchen, fishmonger, butcher or other area in which food safety and operations productivity should be the priority, our products and systems, complemented by our professional’s advice are the solution to achieve the highest standards of hygiene. Since the moment the food arrives at your warehouse to the final stage when is served to the customer, our intervention extends throughout the complete food chain.

Floors and Surfaces cleaning

Maintain buildings and facilities clean and safe is a matter of great responsibility and it’s your first opportunity to create a good impression.

Our systems seek to simplify tasks and optimize cleaning operations, safeguarding the materials preservation.

Personal Care

Our washing and disinfecting products formulation is a result of the combination of legislative requirements and increasingly tight market needs.

They are pleasant to use for your customers and ensure an effective hygiene of your staff. This area constitutes a decisive step in ensuring the food safety of your site.


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