The Company


As a Business Unit of the Reviva Company and following the Group logic of action with respect for the tastes, desires and consumer needs of the Angolan market, the Reviva Professional Unit and it’s brands share the vision to be the reference for the Professional Detergents sector in Angola.

Thus, in addition to the existing business of Household Detergents, Reviva Professional comes with the clear objective of meeting all the needs of the Angolan Professional Hygiene market - The unique combination of high performance products, specially designed for the most demanding uses, coupled with Consulting, Training and Certification services as well as continuous monitoring of our customers, performed by highly qualified professionals, ensures the best results for those who, like us, share the passion for perfection!

The Reviva Factory, located in Kikuxi, with an area of ​​30,000 m2 and a capacity for over than 60,000 tons / year, aims to be a model of excellence in quality management and, in order  to achieve   this goal we  have recruited experienced business professionals that will ensure robust and reliable production processes always in accordance with specifications; using the latest technology in all of its equipments; Complemented by a fully equipped laboratory used for the development and production control of all products.

On our way to excellence the Reviva factory follows the requirements of ISO 9001, plan and implement continuous improvement projects (Kaizens), applies the "5S" methodology in the layouts of each manufacturing area, operates in accordance with the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) work methodology, apply the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) in management activities... everything leading into state of the art Products.

A structure founded and implemented locally, with values ​​deeply rooted in the country and its traditions, combined with a permanent presence and national market support namely to: Clients, Business Partners and Distributors that are the key for our success.


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